Who Can Take Finasteride 1mg Generic?

Are you a man and have been recently bothered with your hair loss? Is it getting worse over time for no reason? Have you tried many hair care products but gets no results? Then you may be experiencing male pattern baldness. Also commonly known as alopecia, MPB is not a new hair loss problem since it has been affecting men for decades already. It is a common hair loss problem that any men could have at any age, with most of them being at high risk to experience it anytime of their life. MBP normally does not respond to hair care products and topical treatments because the problem mainly lies in a man’s hormones. So if your treatment does not deal with this hormonal imbalances, then it can do nothing to help you out. Unless you take Finasteride 1mg generic, you will get no assurance from herbal shampoos and treatments which will make no difference at all in treating your baldness problem.

What is finasteride 1mg generic? Finasteride is a drug that inhibits 5-alpha reductase enzymes from turning testosterone levels into DHT or dihydrotestosterone. We all know how important testosterone is and its vital functions in a man’s body. However, when imbalances happen, your body can abnormally produce high levels of DHT as a result of testosterone conversion, which can harm hair follicles. In fact, DHT does not only make you bald but also abnormally enlarge your prostate causing other problems, like urination blockage and infection.


So what does finasteride 1mg generic do? Normally, when DHT levels increase in a manner which is no longer tolerable for the hair follicles, your follicles begin to shrink down its sizes. Its size is directly proportional to the hair it produces. So the smaller the hair follicles, the smaller and thinner your hair becomes. As time goes, the follicles continue to shrink until it can only produce smaller and thin hairs not visible to the eye, making your scalp look bald. If you will take Finasteride 1mg generic as treatment, the drug will halt the over production of DHT. Once this happens, your hair follicles will slowly return to its normal size and thus, produce back the normal thick hair you once had.


Finasteride 1mg generic is also available in its brand name version Propecia. However you may not find this affordable, that is why some men prefer Finasteride 1mg generic. You can even buy Finasteride 1mg generic from online stores for more convenience. Besides, you are still getting exactly the same drug – so the same effects, the same ingredients, and the same possible side effects. If I were you, I would choose Finasteride 1mg generic. And speaking of side effects, Finasteride 1mg generic has no exemption to that. Just like other drugs, it can have side effects (depending on your body tolerance on drugs), dangerous reactions if taken together with other medications or substances, and could halt the healing process if you have other ailments. Before you start treatment, I suggest you arrange first a visit with your doctor to get an advice before trying Finasteride 1mg generic as hair treatment.