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What is Drug Finasteride 1mg Generic

If you are losing your hair to baldness and that nothing seems to work in treating the hair loss condition no matter what manner of hair fall treatment you apply towards your scalp, then it is likely that you are looking at the wrong place.  Although the hair fall happens in the scalp area, it does not necessarily mean that its treatment should also be applied over that area.  While there are an assortment of creams and ointments that claim to stop hair fall, in truth they do nothing more than just delay the inevitable.  If you are looking for the one true treatment for male pattern baldness, you need to look into a medication called finasteride 1mg generic hair loss treatment medication which you orally ingest as its overall treatment action happens within you, on a more hormonal level.

What exactly is drug finasteride 1mg generic?  Basically, this drug finasteride 1mg generic is the generic version, or more like the generic alternative, of the branded hair loss treatment drug, Propecia.  Propecia is a product of Merck and is FDA-approved for treating hair loss.  The generic name of Propecia is called finasteride 1mg.  This generic name is the main active ingredient of the drug and is the very core component in the making of the branded treatment drug as well as the generic alternative, finasteride 1mg generic.  The generic version is made using the exact same ingredients used in the making of Propecia which is why despite being only a generic alternative, the medication carries the same overall treatment effect that the more expensive medication offers.  This is the very reason why a lot of people seem to be opting to use finasteride 1mg generic within the past few years because this more budget-friendly hair loss treatment drug provides the same treatment property as the branded medication. Continue reading